ANSI/NEMA PB 1.1-2013

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General Instructions for Proper Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of Panelboards Rated 600 Volts or Less
standard by American National Standards Institute / National Electrical Manufacturers Association, 09/11/2013



ANSI/NEMA PB 1.1-2013 covers single panelboards or groups of panel units suitable for assembly in the form of single panelboards, including buses, and with or without switches or automatic overload protective devices (fuses or circuit breakers), or both. These units are used in the distribution of electricity at 600 volts and less with:

  • 1600-ampere mains or less
  • 1200-ampere branch circuits or less

Specifically excluded are live-front panelboards, panelboards employing cast enclosures for special service conditions, and panelboards designed primarily for residential and light commercial service equipment.

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