ASME TDP-1-1998

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Recommended Practices for the Prevention of Water Damage to Steam Tables Used for Electric Power Generators
standard by ASME International, 01/22/1999



These recommended practices are concerned primarily with the prevention of water damage to steam turbines used for fossil fuel fired electric power generation. The practices cover design, operation, inspection, testing, and maintenance of those aspects of the following power plant systems and equipment concerned with the prevention of the induction of water into steam turbines and associated systems and equipment: (a) main steam system, piping, and drains; (b) reheat steam systems, piping, and drains; (c) reheat attemperating system; (d) turbine extraction systems, piping, and drains; (e) feedwater heaters, piping and drains; (f) turbine drain system; (g) turbine steam seal system, piping, and drains; (h) main steam attemperator sprays; (i) start-up systems; (j) condenser steam and water dumps; Any connection to the turbine is a potential source of water either by induction from external equipment or by accumulation of condensed steam. The sources treated specifically are those that have been found to be most fequently involved.

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