ASME V&V 20-2009 (R2016)

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Standard for Verification and Validation in Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer
standard by ASME International, 11/30/2009



The objective of this Standard is the specification of a verification and validation approach that quantifies the degree of accuracy inferred from the comparison of solution and data for a specified variable at a specified validation point. The approach uses the concepts from experimental uncertainty analysis to consider the errors and uncertainties in both the solution and the data.

The scope of this Standard is the quantification of the degree of accuracy of simulation of specified validation variables at a specified validation point for cases in which the conditions of the actual experiment are simulated. Consideration of solution accuracy at points within a domain other than the validation points, for example interpolation/extrapolation in a domain of validation, is a matter of engineering judgment specific to each family of problems and is beyond the scope of this Standard.

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